Fallen Servicemen in the General and North Warren Cemeteries


Royal Flying Corps

Restored Royal Flying Corps Headstones

The Friends have worked to have the headstones of members of the Royal Flying Corps 33 Squadron from the First World War renovated.

You can find out more about this project, and the servicemen by clicking the photo above.

     Commonwealth War Graves

Commonwealth War Graves Service

The Friends are working to have Commonwealth War Graves Headstones installed on the graves of servicemen who gave their lives for their country. Since 2005 11 graves have been accepted as War Graves and have had headstones installed

There is more information about these servicemen and the other recognised Commonwealth War Graves.

Restored WWI Family Headstones Restored WWI family headstones service

The Friends are raising funds to have the headstones of WWI servicemen, who are remembered on family headstones, restored.

These servicemen were either buried abroad or who have no known grave. 

You can find out more about these projects, and the servicemen, by clicking the photo above.

Gainsborough WWI Roll of Honour. We have a copy of the Roll of Honour which was compiled in the early 1980s by Mr R. H. Johnson. This has been expanded to include servicemen who are remembered on war memorials and who were listed in the Gainsborough News as ‘wounded’ and who subsequently died. The Roll of Honour is in PDF format.

Gainsborough WWI Roll of Honour


We’re searching for relatives of WWI servicemen buried in the General and North Warren Cemeteries

We have a list of servicemen buried in the cemeteries who we are trying to trace.

Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel