Family History Research

If you’re looking for a relative or ancestor who may have been buried in the General Cemetery, we may be able to help.

We have access to the burial records and for a small donation, which is used to fund our work, we can help you find a burial plot and provide information from the burial records and cemetery maps to help you find the burial plot

Please note - we can only access the cemetery records by date, not by name at the present time.

In the case of North Warren, as this cemetery is currently closed, if we find your relative, we may have a photograph of their headstone. A survey of the remaining standing headstones was taken a few years ago and we can check through there, and the records to help find relatives.

We open the cemetery, and have access to the full cemetery records, twice a year. More details are on our Events page.



The Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel is a small charity run by volunteers. Contact: Susan Edlington

Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel