The Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel is a small charity run by volunteers.

Contact: Susan Edlington

The Friends have published several booklets and a book. The booklets are available for download here, they are in PDF format.


‘Gainsborough’s War Story’ Series.

Book One (red cover below)  cover the years from 1914 to Mid 1915.

This book costs 10.

Book Two (blue cover) looks at the end of 1915.  From the  “Hell’s Kitchen” explosion - the first large-scale loss of life of local soldiers to the  60 plus soldiers from Gainsborough, and surrounding villages, who were killed in the attack at Hohenzollern Redoubt on 13th October 1915.

This book costs 10.

Book Three (green cover) is about 1916. The book details what happened in Gainsborough and surrounding villages during 1916.  1916 was to see two of the most famous battles of World War One, the naval Battle of Jutland on 31st May-1st June and the Battle of the Somme which started on 1st July.

This book costs 15

Book Four (purple cover) is about 1917 and includes 33 Squadron - Royal Flying Corps, the conflicts at Arras, Paschendaele and Cambrai.

This book costs 15.

Please e-mail to order your copy: Susan Edlington


War story cover
Gainsborough's War Story 2
Gainsborough's War Story Book Cover (4)

Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel