On Monday 7th November 2012 a short commemoration service was held. We were honoured to have the Officer Commanding C Flight of present day 33 Squadron, Squadron Leader Stewart Staudinger, attend the ceremony. Also in attendance were pupils from Trent Valley Academy and Hillcrest School and the Branch Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Gainsborough Royal British Legion.

RFC Restored Headstones ceremony

Michael E Wragg M.B.E. (holding the standard who is Branch Chairman) and Fred Richardson (Vice Chairman) of the Gainsborough Royal British Legion, Peter Bradshaw, Tom Senescall and Squadron Leader Stewart Staudinger

Reading at RFC Restored Headstones ceremony

 Left to right, Peter Bradshaw, of the Friends, TVA pupil, Jack Senescall who gave a reading which gave background information about Lt Harman and Lt Van-Staden and Squadron Leader Stewart Staudinger.

RFC Restored Headstones
Group photo round the restored headstone s

The Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel is a small charity run by volunteers. Contact: Susan Edlington

Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel