Directions to the General and North Warren Cemeteries

The Friends are involved with two cemeteries: the General Cemetery, Cox’s Hill and the North Warren (Dissenters) Cemetery on Ropery Road.

The General Cemetery is open every day during daylight hours. The Chapel is only open for events, usually in May and November.

The General Cemetery consists of two areas. The main cemetery, where the Chapel is and the Cemetery Extension. To get to the Extension area: If you come into the General Cemetery from the Heapham Road entrance, that is through the large gates, follow the road along and you will see a path on your left. It's before the road drops down towards the chapel.

If you follow this path along to the fence, which is the cemetery boundary, the path then turns to the right, follow this all the way along and you will come to another fence which has a large gap. On the other side of the fence is a pedestrian footpath. If you go straight across the path, you are now in the Extension section of the General Cemetery

The North Warren Cemetery is open. We do occasionally take groups on guided walks around the North Warren Cemetery.

There is parking at the General Cemetery. The North Warren Cemetery doesn’t have any parking, so you will need to park on Ropery Road.



General Cemetery, Gainsborough

North Warren Cemetery, Gainsborough

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